The Battle Zone

Tamisha Iman has created a platform where all styles of Drag can be appreciated and celebrated in one location. A Worldwide competition where Drag transcends all boundaries. Watch Drag from around the globe competing in the Battle Zone for World recognition of being the World's Best Virtual Drag Battle Star.


Competition Information

6 Intense Weeks of Virtual Entertainment

to become the

World's Best Virtual Drag Battle Star

There are six (6) categories for competition:

1. Drag Queen

2. Drag King

3. Camp Drag

4. Female Lead

5. Male Lead

6. Transgender

The competition will consist of a preliminary week followed by six weeks of battles leading up to the STAR STUDDED FINALE!!!


Broadcast Schedule


Winner's Revue - 4/7/2021

Drag Queen, Camp Drag and Drag King Competition

8:05 PM EST

Winner's Revue - 4/9/2021

Female Lead, Transgender and Male Lead

10:05 PM EST

FINALE Part I - 4/14/2021

Drag Queen, Camp Drag and Drag King Competition

8:05 PM

FINALE Part II - 4/16/2021

Female Lead, Transgender and Male Lead

10:05 PM EST

Red Chairs

Winner's Circle


Week 1

Drag Queen: Ebola Cherries / Art-Tica

Camp Drag: Kyran Thrax / Skirt Browning

Male Lead: Kirk T. DaVinci / Salvadore Diaz-Debose

Female Lead: Fernanda Bustamante

Transwoman: Akasha Adonis / Krystal LaBeija

Week 2

Drag Queen: Amara Lee Dupree / Jadein Black / Ebony Evers

Male Lead: Mirage J. Cruz / Inferno K. Bonet

Transwoman: KeyAirra Kardashh

Week 3

Drag Queen: JahLisa A. Ross / Eliza Rocks

Male Lead: Bam Bamn

Female Lead: Millie Deans

Transwoman: Tosh LaBeija

Week 4

Drag Queen: Meagan Flosha / Tatianna DeJour

Camp Drag: Lady Kamikazee / Giraffez Doris Buckel

Male Lead: Rio Valentino / Isaiah Patillo

Female Lead: Mariana Sola

Week 5

Drag Queen: Myah DuBoise Blue / Dolly Bee Wellington

Camp Drag: Buka Kay / Jesus Vice

Female Lead: Ladybug Valentino / Posie Pocket

Male Lead: Gary Ariel Washington

WILD CARD #1: Ditzy (Drag Queen)

Week 6

Drag Queen: MuMu Chanel Van Pelt

Male Lead: Yosman Pendragon

Transwoman: Sapphire Davenport

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